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Air & EnviroSolutions Technologies Group   Just Breathe......  



Licensed and Certified Professionals

Commercial and Residential

Complete  Surface Testing

Indoor Air Quality~Solutions

Odor, Chemical Removal, Storm, Water, Mold Restoration

       FREE Radon Testing                 with All Inspections if                      Requested      

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Serving Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania

Creating Healthy Indoor Environments Every Day since 2004

Finally,.. you Have Come To The Right Place for Solutions to Your Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Concerns

We do not employ salesman or commissioned workers that give you "free" Assessments and then try to up sell and scare you. 

We are Licensed, Certified, Professionals.

We will diagnose, solve and prevent.

We give you the Facts and the Solutions. We follow up, we consult.

Are you suffering Skin Sensitivities, Allergies, Asthma, Watering eyes? Feeling .."Just not quite right"?  Are you noticing a large amount of dust in your home, musty or strange odors, dark areas on your walls or ceilings?  

Our services begin with our experienced, licensed Professionals listening to your concerns, needs and your goals.

A complete Assessment will then follow. An Assessment utilizes professional training, diagnostic testing and Laboratory Sampling.  Our goal and method is diagnosis, fact finding, sources, and solutions. Throughout the process and even after, we will follow through with you, continuously, even after your project is completed, assisting you with keeping your indoor environment Clean and Contamination free. 

We offer Healthy Home packages, Isolated commercial and residential testing, Project management, Consulting, Complete Home and Commercial Purification System(s).

We sample for Mold, Chemical VOC's, Unknown Odors, Unknown Materials, Formaldehyde, Radon, Bacteria, MRSA, Gases, Pathogens.                                                                           


We are Your local Experts and Partners for Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

Toxic Materials Testing and Removal. Surface Sanitization and Decontamination, HVAC and Whole Home Air Purification and Surface Purification. 

Our Expertise and Credentials provide all of the Solutions and Support you will need to live, work, learn and play within a Clean, Healthy indoor environment 24/7! 

We are Your Licensed and Certified Indoor Environmental Professionals.

Homes, Schools, Offices, Athletic Facilities, Locker rooms, Transportation vehicles,Health Care, Commercial environments and many others, are some of the Indoor Environments that we Improve. 


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