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 We are Licensed, Certified Environmental Professionals.  Our expert services   range   from;

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing :(particulate, bacterial, HVAC, viral, radon gas, ammonia, asbestos, pesticides, formaldehyde, chemical, VOC's, off gassing, ammonia, airborne asbestos) 

  • Materials testing(Formaldehyde, mold, plasticides)

  • Water Testing(Bacterial, fungal, pesticides, chlorine, chemical and organic compounds)

  • Air and Surface Purification Systems Installation and service(Homes; free standing, HVAC, travel, Dormitory, Office, Schools, Athletics, Health Facilities, Restaurants, Hospitals)

  • Thermal Imaging (Heat loss, hidden and unknown water saturation)  

  • Air Decontamination(mold, bacterial, viral, formaldehyde, chemical, VOC's, dust, dust mites, odors, radon gas)

  • Surface Sanitization( mold, viral, MRSA, Bacteria).

  • Attics(mold, bat feces, rodent and bat feces)

  • Restoration (flooding and fire)

  • Material Restoration(building materials, contents)

  • Pet testing(Fungal and Bacterial)

  • Residential services ( owners,renters, real estate listings, buying, selling and renovations)         

  • Commercial (offices, warehouses, materials testing. Schools, and Healthcare Facilities)

  • Decontamination Services and Continuous Prevention Services.

Distributors of the leading Pro-active Indoor Air Purification. Installation, Servicing and customizing small and compact residential or commercial units, we use the technologies that is 100% effective and backed by scientific third party testing. 

This technology will provide 100% positive results within your entire indoor environment.  The systems we represent are the latest, are affordable and available for every application including, home, office, commercial, food service, transportation services, medical facilities, medical transports, schools, athletic areas and facilities, and healthcare facilities, retail, restaurants, etc.. 

Click on the photos below to see other links of complete services to assist you in living and maintaining a healthy life style, whether it be at home, on the job, within school, health facilities or travel.

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