Our Offers for Your       Good Health 

We want to transform your environment and create a Healthy Living Respite. 

1. COVID Special

With the onset of  the current crisis, everyone is especially skeptical of environments.

We are offering a 30-50% off sale through Nov 1 on all Indoor Sanitizations.

This includes air and surfaces.


2. Purification Units

We are offering free shipping on Purification Units July through 

December , 2022

3. Testing and Analysis

We are offering:

  • one area $199.00 Air or Surface Testing. 

  • Multi Area Testing

  • Whole Home Complete Solution Testing for Mold and Bacteria, Formaldehyde and VOC's

4) Free Radon Testing with any Whole Home Assessments Testing (Mold, VOC, Bacterial, MRSA, Chemical)

Blowing Snow
Family Dinner
Children Scooping Out Pumpkins

We Want You to Love the Air in your Home! 

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