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Home Owners

Home ownership comes with many challenges and rewards.  Sometimes you can see when there are problems.  Other times you cannot see them.  Only if you are pro active, or you begin to experience continuous ongoing symptoms within your environment or your health, do questions arise.

Many types of contamination, before they become a problem, we cannot see, mycotoxins, bacteria, VOC gases, radon we may not see.

Mold is not always black, black is not always mold. The consumer arena has taught us that if it is not broken, why fix it?

Because, if you wait, not only will it cause much more damage to your investment and your health, it will cost much more of your hard earned income.

At Air & EnviroSolutions Technologies Group, we are Licensed and Certified in finding, solving and eliminating problems within your home environment.  We create a continuous consultation and relationship with you to transform your environment.

We can transform your home into a continuous clean air respite as it should be.

Many homeowners believe that they have a clean home free of contamination.  While that may be true on the surface, we can show you areas that are prone to and most likely have problems.  Constant in and out of our homes, Basements, Attics, Closets, water junctions, faulty ventilation, gutters, roofs, these all promote indoor contamination and PROBLEMS. We offer resolutions, including DIY solutions if you prefer.

We are Indoor Air  Quality and Surface Decontamination Experts.  We can lead you away from gimmicks and fake solutions that waste your money.  We will show you and let you experience true industry solutions.

Mold, radon, formaldehyde, pollen all contribute to the malaise of homeowners.  These contaminants above Normal Indoor living condition levels contribute to so many illnesses and effect every part of the body.  Asthma, allergies, skin issues, sensitivities, arthritis, energy etc..

Whole home assessments will pinpoint the problems and solutions within your home environment.

Our Assessment use third party Laboratories that specialize in the particular testing needed.  We use diagnostic tools to monitor and test your indoor air quality levels.  We use Thermal Imaging to detect potential problems with moisture, ventilation and heat loss.  

Call us today for your home Assessment!

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