Real Estate

Your goal as an agent is to sell that house!  As a buyer, to find the perfect home!  As a seller, to sell and get the best price possible!  We all want the best for every party involved.

That is where we can make a BIG difference!


Our assessments will pinpoint for the buyer, potential problems such as mold, radon, formaldehyde, water damage, contamination, poor air quality.  We will give you the solutions for these problems before you buy.  We will give you approximate costs for solutions. This ranges from systems, air quality, contamination, prior home water damage, and duct contamination.


Our pre assessments will pinpoint what should be done before you list to get the most out of your home.  Our solutions will speed up your sale. We will correct problems such as bad air quality, mold, radon, formaldehyde, water damage, roof damage within the attic or basement problems that may become a problem within the home inspection. We will improve your indoor air quality, issuing you a Certificate of Sanitization to advertise with your home and present to the potential buyer. This will ensure a clean, healthy living environment, free of problems, negative surprises and contamination.


You can be rest assured with our services, your client will know they are able to get the most out of their home sale. If they are a buyer they will know that with us, they will be moving into a clean, healthy, problem free environment, with ongoing consultation.

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