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  School Athletics

School athletics, whether elementary, middle, high school,or college has hidden concern for all involved.  Many pathogens, bacteria, and contamination exist unknown in these facilities.  Weight rooms, locker room and equipment rooms are all full of these species.

Staph, MRSA, ringworm, are all prevalent within these environments. 

At Air & EnviroSolutions Technologies Group, we are aware of these hidden dangers. We have worked with hundreds of schools, athletic directors, coaches and superintendents, for these very reasons.

We offer testing and solutions to eradicate these problems.

Better yet, and most important, we offer on going continuous 24/7 solutions to maintain and prevent problems from occurring.

School Buidings

Within the various school buildings, toxins from the equipment, furnishings and supplies are continuously giving off or off gassing volatile organic compounds (VOC).  

Students and administration are coming and going on a daily basis, bringing in molds, pollen and other organic compounds from outside an many different environments.  Many buildings are older, have had damage and are contributing to the output of toxins, mycotoxins and other contamination into the air. 

All of this combined creates a Toxic Soup that all occupants are exposed to.

This adds to lack of attendance problems, this inhibits learning, adds to asthma, allergies and decreased performance as well as nuerological problems among students and administration.

We are trained to find these problems, remove them and offer ongoing 24/7 solutions to eradicate them permanently.  Contact us today!

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