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 We Cater to Your Individual Needs.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Schools and Health Facilities. Licensed and Certified, we are your Experts!

Your Indoor Air and Surface Problems soon will be nonexistent. We Provide ongoing Solutions for a Clean, Healthy Indoor Environment

You have come to the right place for all Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Contamination, Services and Solutions! 

For over 16 years

we have been at the forefront of indoor air quality issues and solutions. We are experts in our field - licensed, certified, insured and ready to help you..



A Solution Based Mission followed by creating an ongoing healthier indoor living and working environments through assessment, diagnosis and solutions.

We specialize in working with those who are chemical and mold-sensitized, or who have pre-existing conditions.

Our Goal is  improving indoor environments and arming clients with the proper tools and knowledge to continuously maintain their environment, we are passionate about our mission. 

                                                                    Integrity, and pride in our work, result in spectacular results each and every time we assist in decontaminating another indoor environment.


The reviews are our testimonies. References of prior clients are also available.               


We are your partners, working with you to ensure your Indoor Environment is brought to levels Normal for Indoor occupancy.   

                                                                              Toxins enter our Environments through people, building materials, plastics, carpeting, flooring, toys (manmade products).

Indoor environments are envelopes which contain and proliferate contaminants.  

Concentrated growth in an enclosed environment will cause sickness, allergies, asthma, sensitivities, headaches and overall malaise, for humans and pets. 


 Let us show you how to transfer your indoor environment to a healthy respite where the occupants thrive. 


 Please browse our site, and contact us with your needs and preference for an appointment time. 






No More Mold
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Air & EnviroSolutions Technonologies Group LLC  was founded over 16 years ago. A true need existed  to remove the "toxic soup" within indoor environments where people lived, worked, studied and relaxed.

 Organic Mold toxins, Chemical toxins, pathogens, Viruses, Radon, Sewage Gas, unknown Odors etc..

We saw and read of people becoming sick within their homes, children sick in day care and schools, athletes and patients contracting  Staph, MRSA, and other air borne and surface pathogens. 

Home structures ;basements, attics, crawl spaces, wall, ceilings and water junctions, deteriorating due to mold contamination.

 Indoor  allergies, asthma, skin sensitivities, on the rise due to chemical infiltration from new flooring, furniture and carpeting.

Indoor environments were resulting in sickness, disease, work and school absences, higher home maintenance costs and general malaise. Whether due to poor building practices, prior water damage, high contents of man made building materials, leaking roof, or contamination being brought in from the indoors....

There was a need  within this industry for Licensed, Certified Professionals who truly care about the impact that a contaminated indoor, stagnant environment has upon the health of all individuals.  

Too much false information, confusion and misunderstanding plagues this industry.  Price gouging, fraud, lack of knowledge, inconsistent practices, and unethical, non effective methods were being added to the problems already in existence.

Our Mission is to resolve Indoor Air Quality issues for those who suffer from its effects.  We have developed a consistent process, using consistent practices, and non toxic natural products. Our Certifying Agency,  NORMI, is an esteemed leading organization within the industry on a Global Basis. 

Our services Diagnose the problem, Find the Source, Fix the problem, and Prevent problems of the same type from occurring in the future.


There is no reason for children to be sick in schools, employees to be sick in their work environment, or worst of all people within the home. 

Your Home is Your Respite.  It should not be a place that makes you feel worse, sick, or short of breathe.

Homes are teeming with fungus, bacteria and artificial gasses from toxic man made materials.

There are solutions!

We have the answers and we are effective!  We can transform any environment to clean fresh air 24/7.

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