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Are Mold Inspections and Testing a Ripoff?

What is all of the hype about mold? After all, mold is everywhere right? If I have mold I will see it, right?

There are many questions regarding mold. There is quite a bit of information on the internet about mold, mold problems and mold inspections. There is also quite a bit of information on the internet about diy electrical, plumbing etc..

So basically, some information is common sense and some information should be clearly left to a Professional.

How do you know if someone is truly a Professional? Belonging to a "mold organization" does not signify a Professional. I have joined many organizations where all I had to do was pay $600 a year and I was a "Member".

A true Mold and Contamination Professional is Licensed through a State. They are Certified through a National Certifying a teaching agency. They have to attend continuing education of 20+ hours a year.

It is true not every State requires Licensing. However, then you are trusting who? Whether or not the current State requires it, Mold Professionals can and should obtain State Licensing.

States adhere to a National Protocol, National teaching, updates, and up to date information on Mold and other Contamination.

Never trust someone who claims to be a Mold Inspector who does not work soley with Mold. In other words....A Jack of All Trades.

Never trust someone who charges you for a "visual assessment".

As Mold Professionals, we can see what you see. We can not ethically every look at discoloration and claim it to be "Mold". Than is left to another profession; a Microbiologist.

The Mold and Contamination Profession is a Science. Never an opinion. There is more to it than simply taking a sample.

Mold is everywhere. Mold belongs where it best performs its job without destroying your home or your health. Mold belongs in cheese. Mold belongs in a wood pile. It belongs where fermentation is supposed to take place.

Mold does not belong in your Attic, your basement, your drywall, your refrigerator, closet, bedroom, bathroom or ceiling.

When Mold is outside, the sun (light), thunder and lightening storms (ozone), wind(ventilation), rain(peroxide) keep mold in check.

When Mold is in your home it does not have these elements of nature to keep it in check. Mold is like an unsupervised child in a candy store. It will become out of control. It will be incubated and proliferate. It will dry out and blow throughout your home until it finds the proper environment to land and grow. Whether that is your bathroom or your lungs. Humans are the perfect host for mold growth. Mold will destroy your building just as mold will rot fruit.

So the question of is a mold inspection a ripoff? arises

A mold a contamination inspection by the right firm or individual may be one of the single most important and valuable investment you make.

A Mold Professional with 5 or more years of sole mold and contamination experience will not only sample and identify visual and invisible mold through the analysis of a professional Laboratory.

They will identify problems within the structure, home, attic, basement, crawl, grounds etc..

They will consolidate and let you know if the mold in your home or building is "Higher than Normal for Indoor Occupancy" If you have ever looked at a mold report from a Laboratory, you see a bunch of numbers. So what. Is your home safe? Is it safe for being in every day? Not safe as based from the outside air. Many times the outdoor air is more contaminated.

They will give you particulate density and instant air quality analysis using diagnostic tools.

They will use moisture monitors and Thermal Imaging to find moisture and potential mold problems in your walls, floors etc..

They will give you recommendations of how to get rid of the mold and eliminate any contaminants from your breathing space permanently.

They will create a permanent relationship and consulting stream with you permanently.

Their goal is you, and your health.

So Yes a Mold Inspection from the wrong Individual with the wrong credentials or no credentials or a side gig, is a Rip Off.

A Mold Inspection from a Mold Professional with experience, reviews, licensing, credentials and a passion is the Best Investment you can make for you, your family and those you care about.


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